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After the adoption of National Policy on Disaster Management, Kenya needs to put in place legal framework for operationalisation of the Policy. The policy object was to establish the guiding principles and policy architecture for disaster management in Kenya by presenting the institutional structures, roles, responsibilities, authorities and key processes required to achieve a coordinated, coherent and consistent approach. The policy provides overarching frameworks for decision-making and coordination across disaster management sectors and actors, including government ministries, civil society organizations, international organizations and the private sector.

After the promulgation of the New Constitution Counties were created which now requires the cascading of the contents of this policy to them.

The Implementation of this policy by enacting relevant laws will lead Kenya towards achieving the following key ambitions which support overall development within the country:

  • Prevention of disasters and their impact on families, infrastructure and the environment.
  • Resiliency of families and communities by reducing vulnerability and increasing their ability to withstand and minimize the effects of disasters and complex emergencies including adaptation to climate change through increased preparedness.
  • Response to disasters and complex emergencies that is fast, well coordinated, effective and appropriate.
  • Recovery from disasters and complex emergencies that is timely, leaving communities and families in a better position to withstand future hazards.

To achieve this Kenya Law Reform Commission has organized a stakeholder’s consultative workshop on the Development of Model Laws on Disaster management and Fire Rescue Services at Naivasha this November.

This will help Counties build capacity and implement the national policy on disaster management within a legal framework. You can participate on this task through posting of your comments below and your views will be highly appreciated.

By Mercy Muthuuri

Download County Disaster Management Bill (PDF)

> Download County Fire and Rescue Services Bill (PDF)

KLRC had organized a stakeholder’s consultative workshop on the Development of Model Laws on Disaster management and Fire Rescue Services at Naivasha in November 2013. These laws are meant to cascade the National Policy on Disaster Management to Counties

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