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Mandate and Core Functions

Vision Statement

“A vibrant agency for responsive law reform”

Mission Statement

“To facilitate law reform conducive to social, economic and political development”

Mandate and Core Functions

To “keep under review all the law of Kenya to ensure its systematic development and reform, including in particular the integration, unification and codification of the law, the elimination of anomalies, the repeal of obsolete and unnecessary enactments and generally its simplification and modernization”

Our core functions as stated in the Kenya Law Reform Commission Act No. 19 of 2013 are to:

  • Receive and consider any proposals for the reform of the law that may be made or referred to it;
  • Prepare and submit to the AG programmes for the examination of different branches of the law with a view to reform, including recommendations as to the agency by which that examination should be carried out;
  • Undertake, pursuant to any programme approved by the AG, the examination of particular branches of the law and the formulation, by means of draft Bills or otherwise, of proposals for reform therein;
  • Prepare, at the request of the AG, comprehensive programmes of consolidation to facilitate the exercise by him of his powers under the Revision of the Laws Act, and to undertake the drafting of Bills pursuant to any programme of consolidation approved by him;
  • Provide advice and information to ministries and departments in the Government with regard to the reform or amendment of a branch of the law appropriate to that ministry or department.

Contact details

  • Adress: Reinsurance Plaza, 3rd Floor, 4 Taifa Road
    P.O. Box 34999-00100
    NAIROBI, Kenya
  • Phone: (+254) 20 2241201
  • Fax: (+254) 20 2225786
  • twitter: klrcKE facebook: Kenya Law Reform Commission

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