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Annual Report 2021-2022

Kenya Law Reform Commission KLRC Annual Report 2021 2022ANNUAL REPORT FOR THE FINANCIAL YEAR 2021/2022

The Kenya Law Reform Commission (KLRC) has a mission to facilitate law reform conducive to social, economic and political development through keeping all the law of Kenya under review, ensuring their
systematic development and reform in conformity with the Constitution of Kenya.

It is our pleasure to formally present the Annual Report for the financial year 2021/2022.This Report has been prepared pursuant to Section 32 of the KLRC Act, 2013 and all other enabling provisions of the Law of Kenya.It captures our mandate, strategic goals, targets, achievements and milestones realized in the reporting period. The Report further highlights challenges encountered, lessons learnt and the relevant recommendations.

It is our sincere hope, that the Report will inform future policy interventions and be a useful tool in promoting feedback and building commitment in law reform work in Kenya.

We thank you in advance for the continued support.

Mr. Joash Dache, MBS
Secretary/ Chief Executive Officer

We are honoured to publish the Annual Report for the Financial Year (FY)We are honoured to publish the Annual Report for the Financial Year (FY) ended 2021/22. The realization of our goals as set out in the Strategic Plan2018-2022 and targets in the Performance Contract for the reporting FY is acollaborative dedication of many institutions and individuals. At the onset,we acknowledge the Ofce of Attorney-General and Department of Justicewhose leadership and support remains appreciated. We also laud thefollowing institutions that have been key pillars towards our shared success:the Parliament, the Judiciary, the National Treasury as well as all otherrespective Ministries, Departments and Agencies at both levels ofgovernment (National and County).Equally, the support of the DevelopmentPartners, Civil Society Organizations, Professional Associations, Private Sector,Media, and other stakeholders remains invaluable.

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