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Audit and Prioritization of all existing legislation to conform with the Constitution of Kenya 2010

The Constitution of Kenya (2010) lays down the foundations for a wide array of institutional and legal reforms. The objective of these reforms, to be realized through constitutional implementation, is to consolidate the rule of law, democracy, human rights and good governance.1 In order to meet this objective, the Constitution establishes a framework for constitutional implementation through the enactment of legislation, judicial review of existing legislation and purposive interpretation. Another key aspect of the legislative and policy medium contemplated by the Constitution is the review and harmonization of existing laws, which continue being in force, to ensure their conformity with the new constitutional dispensation. 

In addition to drafting new legislation and reviewing existing legislation as mandated by the Constitution of Kenya and statutory law, the Kenya Law Reform Commission, KLRC commissioned an audit and review of all Laws of Kenya including those specifically bordering on access to justice with a view to revising them and drafting new legislation necessary to ensure their conformity with the Constitution and specifically with the new devolved system set out in the Constitution. This audit will include legislation expressly in the programme for enactment under the Fifth Schedule of the Constitution and other legislation implied in the general architecture and normative scheme of the Constitution.............

Audit report can be downloaded here