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Official Launch of Model laws at KSG Nairobi

The County Model Laws have been developed by the Kenya Law Reform Commission and the Ministry of Devolution together with other partners. These Model Laws, which are the culmination of a long process that started out in 2014 just after the installation of County Governments, mark another chapter in KLRC’s proactive engagement in supporting effective implementation of devolution by supporting development of County legislation as envisaged in the CoK, 2010 and the County Governments Act, 2012. Specifically, County Model Laws are drawn from the 4th Schedule of the CoK 2010, directly giving effect to operationalization of County functions. It is hoped that both levels of Government (Ministries, Counties, Departments and Agencies) will constructively engage and interact with the Model Laws, adapting them to their needs as conditions may dictate. We look forward to enhanced uptake and application in the attainment of minimum thresholds and standards in effective legislation.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To enhance effective county legislation process;
  2. Facilitate the framing high quality legislative instruments.

Key details

  1. The system of devolved Government is now firmly and fully entrenched in Kenya, following adoption and promulgation of the 2010 Constitution;
  2. The County Model Laws are drawn from the 4th Schedule of the CoK, 2010 specifically giving effect to operationalization of County functions;
  3. The model laws address concerns about the constitutionality, technical soundness and key procedural aspects of the process of law making in Kenya.

Model Laws for Effective and Harmonized Legislation in the Counties

Launch of the County Model Laws will be at Kenys School of Government Nairobi on 15th November 2016

You can download the County Model Laws Booklet from here