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Launch of the All County Model Laws revision-Kisumu

KISUMU KENYA: Monday, July 20th, 2015: Kenya Law Reform Commission and other stakeholders launched the All County Model Laws Revision. The County Model Laws initiative is aimed to support county governments/assemblies and the public in general develop, adapt and effect legislations that are: uniform, not in conflict with national laws, development conscious, adherent to best practise standards and realigned in conformity with the Constitution of Kenya 2010.The commencement of the revision is expected to promote feedback, consultation and the attainment of customized thresholds unique to each of the targeted stakeholders and is supported by the Ministry of Devolution and Planning, Office of the Attorney General among other partners.

Model Laws

Among the model laws to be benefit from the revision are drawn from County Functions in Article 185(2) of the Constitution of Kenya namely: Agriculture; County Health Services; Control of Air Pollution, Noise Pollution, other public nuisances and outdoor advertising; Cultural Activities; Public Entertainment; County Transport; Animal Control and Welfare; Trade Development and Regulation; County Planning and Development; Pre-primary Education, Village Polytechnics, Home Craft Centres, and Child care Facilities; Implementation of Environment Policies; County Public Works and Services; Firefighting Services and Disaster Management; Control of Drugs and Pornography and the Coordination and Public Participation in local governance.

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Next Steps

The Kenya Law Reform Commission plans to enhance law reform knowledge in Kenya by subjecting the model laws and a Guide to the Legislative Process in Kenya (soon to be launched) to wide public education and dissemination across the 47 counties. In line with its mandate, the commission further commits to facilitate opportunities for law reform conducive to social, economic and political development through keeping all laws in Kenya under review, ensuring their systematic development and reform in conformity with the Constitution of Kenya 2010.