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Consultative forum on review of rationale for establishment of Tribunals

Kenya Law Reform Commission hosted Tribunals in a consultative forum on review of rationale for establishment of Tribunals. The Commission wanted to hear from the Tribunals themselves on challenges they face throughout the life of a tribunal.

The challenges are many but they can be summarized into three categories

  1. Procedural challenges
  2. Legal challenges
  3. Administrative challenges

In view of the above do we need reforms in this sector? If we do on what form? These are the questions we seek to answer.

Article 159 and 169(1)(d) of the Kenya Constitution recognizes Tribunals as part of the Judicial process in the country. Tribunals play an important role in addressing disputes hence enriching and contributing to justice system in the country.

The representatives of Tribunals gave the Commission and the Committee spear ending this task invaluable insight on how tribunals operate and challenges they face.