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Article 11: Commitment

11.1 Each Commissioner is fully aware of that the Chairperson and two members of the Kenya Law Reform Commission serve on full time basis and that the official working hours are from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m and the remaining four members of the Commission serve on part time basis.

11.2 Each Commissioner commits to participate effectively in Commission meetings by observing timeliness, asking questions, actively seeking out and respecting other members’ views and contributions and spending appropriate time on important matters.

11.3 Each Commissioner further undertakes to prepare sufficiently for meetings by considering board papers/ agenda notes and attachments thereto, and where necessary seek clarifications.

11.4 Where a Commissioner is unable to attend a meeting, the Commissioner undertakes to communicate through the Chairperson any concerns or issues they would wish considered.

11.5 Each Commissioner shall support the proper functioning of Commission Committees, and pay particular attention to ensure that Commission’s internal controls are effective.

11.6 The Chairperson shall cause to be maintained a record of each Commissioners’ attendance at the Commission meetings.

11.7 The Chairperson is responsible for annual performance evaluation of the Commissioners.