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Pre-Qualification Notice

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Pre-qualification are invited from eligible bidders for the supply & delivery of various goods/services as under listed for the period ending 30th June, 2014. 

  1. KLRC/001/2013-14 - Repair of Motor Vehicles
  2. KLRC/002/2013-14 - Repair and Servicing of Computers, Laptops, Printers & Other Equipment
  3. KLRC/003/2013-14 - Printing Services and Promotional Items
  4. KLRC/004/2013-14 - Provision of Travel Agency Services & Issuing of Air Tickets
  5. KLRC/005/2013-14 - Provision of Computer Accessories
  6. KLRC/006/2013-14 - Supply of Newspapers and Magazines
  7. KLRC/007/2013-14 - Provision of Ground Transport
  8. KLRC/008/2013-14 - Provision of Fumigation Services
  9. KLRC/009/2013-14 - Provision of Radio and Television Services
  10. KLRC/010/2013-14 - Provision of Uniform
  11. KLRC/011/2013-14 - Provision of Flowers and Indoor Maintenance
  12. KLRC/012/2013-14 - Provision of Cleaning Services
  13. KLRC/013/2013-14 - Provision of Stationary
  14. KLRC/014/2013-14 - Provision of Supply of Petrol, Oil and Lubricants

Interested bidders for Prequalification’s may obtain a set of documents from the KLRC website free of charge.

Prequalification documents in duplicate (Original & Copy)in plain sealed envelope, clearly marked “TENDER NO.------------------------------------------ FOR ---------------------------------------------------“ should be deposited in the TENDER BOX, situated at the ENTRANCE of KENYA LAW REFORM COMMISSION,3rd floor, RE-INSURANCE PLAZA, or if mailed, addressed to:-

P.O. BOX 34999-00100
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(So as to reach KLRC not later than 10.00am on 14th March, 2014.)

The Document will be opened immediately thereafter in the Main Conference room, 3rd Floor, RE-INSURANCE PLAZA .All the bidders or their representatives are invited to attend.

ALL with registered Businesses (women, youth and disabled) are encouraged to Participate.

Tenders received after the stated time or date will be returned to the bidders unopened.


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