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Media Monitoring - May, June 2018 - The Standard

  07.06.2018 Four governors to  face graft charges Four governors and two officers from independent commissions may be arraigned in court next week over corruption-related charges. Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) CEO Halakhe Waqo on Wednesday told MPs the commission had pieced together water-tight evidence to nail the six and others from the various ministries and State agencies in the ongoing crackdown on graft. Accountability of public funds  The Standard Page 10
  07.06.2018 House team slashes 8billion shillings from NYS budget MPS have taken away 8 billion shillings from scandal- ridden National Youth Service in budgetry changes that also pump substantial cash to mitigate floods, connect more household to electricity and for the military.  Accountability of public funds  The Satandard Page 8
  06.06.2018 House team wants CCTV  cameras, alarm systems installed to secure learners Following the rape incident in a girls school, a parliamentary Committee has recommended that schools should install surveillance equipments to improve security. The National Assembly's Education Committee wants the institutions to set up closed circuit television as well as access control and alarm systems Security The Standard Page 8
  05.06.2018 Governors fight with funding challenges Governors have cited bottlenecks in the electronic procurement payment system, a high wage bill and low revenue collection among challenges undermining county operations and development. They also demanded an expanded role in overseeing security in their respective regions by reviving the push to chair a key security organ, a move the national government has resisted. State of Devolution The Standard Page 4
  31.05.2018 Trader was paid 333 million shillings by NCPB A trader was paid 333 million for delivering 226,000 bags of maize in one of the transactions under scrutiny in the 11 billion shillings payoutt by the cereals board. Corruption and Public Service effectiveness The Standard Page 10
  29.05.2018 Building of 1 bilion shillings hospitals begins Kiambu county will in the next one year have two new level four hospitals.  The two hospitals at Githunguri and Bibirioni are being built at a cost of 1 billion shillings  Health The standard Page 27
  29.05.2018 MP crafts Bill on water harvesting Bomachoge Chache MP Alpha Miruka wants Kenyans to have domestic water harvesting and storage systems. Speaking in Ogembo town, the MP said he was working on a Bill to effect the proposal. He said a lot of water was going to waste during the rainy seasons and that the country could alleviate water shortages by having harvesting mechanisms in place Public Interest The Standard Page 28
  25.05.2018 How top officials milked NYS dry  Senior politicians stole about 9 billion shillings from the National Youth Service toi fund election campaigns through schemes that involved suppliers. The famiy members of top leaders both present and past, were contracted to supply tyres, spare parts, food and other consumables through proxies Corruption and Public Service effectiveness The Standard Page 6
  24.05.2018 Former CS set to face fresh corruption charges Former Roads and Transport Cabinet Secretary Michael Kamau  will face fresh charges of abuse of office and irregular use of public funds. Anti-Corruption Court Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti ordered Mr Kamau to appear before him on May 30 after detectives failed to locate and arrest him during a raid on his Karen home  Corruption and Public Service effectiveness The Standard Page 12
  24.05.2018 MPs top state official's aide are behind rip-off at NCPB  At least five lawmakers, an aide to a top politician, senior Government officials and businessmen are among 30 individuals being investigated in connection with a multi-billion shilling scandal at the National Cereals and Produce Board, according to sources. Prominent politicians from the Rift Valley are reportedly among eight traders paid Sh1.9 billion - which works out to Sh700 million in profits - for deliveries to the national strategic reserve that are believed to be cheap imports from Uganda. Corruption and Public Service effectiveness The Standard Page 6
  17.05.2018 Uhuru ignores critics to sign new cybercrime regulations President Uhuru Kenyatta has signed into law a Bill that can easily be used by the State to clamp down media freedom and online critics. Computer misuse and cybercrimes Bill 2008 became law, giving the Government sweeping powers that could send Kenyas in contravention to up to two years in jail or cost of 5 million shillings Law making- National Assembly The Standard Page 8
  16.05.2018 Uhuru woos investors in tax pledge President Uhuru Kenyatta has pledged to revise tax regimes in a bid to woo more investors into country. Speaking at the launch of a 7 billion shillings beverage manufaturing plant by cocacola the president said taxes as well as power charges would be reduced to give manufactures a good environment for business. International Relation The Standard Page 9
  16.05.2018 MPs want answers over  3 billion shillings project cost hike MPs want former Kenya Airports Authority bosses to explain how the cost of a project was revised upwards from 4.1 billion to 7.2 billion shillings. Accountability of public funds  The Standard Page 8
  09.05.2018 Hospital gifted medical supplies First Lady Margaret Kenyatta handed over medical supplies and equipment worth 45 million shillings to Kitui County Referral Hospital. Speaking during the handing over ceremony at Bishop Dunne Primary School, the First Lady said the equipment would bolster the hospital's capacity to handle emergencies and maternal healthcare. Health The Standard Page 26
  09.05.2018 Public participate bill 2018 is a good idea whose time has come The obligation to ensure that the public participates in legislative and administrative decisions- making processes is one of the most abused edicts in the constitution. Public Participationn is often a sham process conducted for the purpose of meeting the paper requirement with no nintention to ensure effectiveness Constitution implementation (Opinion) The Standard Page 16
  09.05.2018 Court stops KRA from demanding 2.5 billion shillings from sugar importer The Supreme Court has slammed the brakes on the taxman's bid to slap sugar impoter with a 2.5 billion bill. Darasa Investment Limited had imported brown sugar from Brazil at the request of the government.   The standard Page 10
  08.05.2018 Kenya and Ethiopia to strengthen ties President Uhuru Kenyatta and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali have pledged to bloster the historical ties laid down for Kenya and Ethiopia by the two nations' founding fathers. Uhuru and Abiy, who is on a two-day state visit to Kenya, held bilateral talks at State House Nairobi. International Relation (Ethiopia) The Standard Page 10
  08.05.2018 Blow to Senate in Ruaraka land probe as court blocks summons The High Court has barred Senators from summoning directors of two firms demanding Sh3.2 billion from the State for land in Ruaraka, Nairobi. Justice Pauline Nyamweya issued an injunction stopping the County Public Accounts and Investment Committee (CPAIC) from summoning directors of Afrison Import Export Ltd, Huelands Ltd and Whispering Palm Estate Ltd – Francis Mburu, Mark Mburu and Justin Mburu respectively.   The Standard Page 7
  08.05.2018 Outrage led to slashed JSC perks, court told A public outcry following a revelation that Judicial Service Commission (JSC) members were raking in hefty perks caused the salaries commission to slash paid sittings to eight in a month. The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) told High Court judge Chacha Mwita that the huge payments were despite the commissioners working on a part-time basis.   The Standard Page 4
  03.05.2018 Nyeri gets new deputy governor as allegations over her credentials fly Caroline Karugu has been approved as the deputy governor Nyeri. Ms Karugu was approved by a simple majority in the County Assembly after debate that saw tempers flare and te session extended to 7 pm. Nyeri new Deputy Governor process Daily Nation Page 8
  03.05.2018 Speakers sign MoU on liaison Kenya has entered in partnership with Algeria to enhance ties between the two countries' parliaments. A Memorandum of Understanding signed between Algerian People's National Assembly Speaker Said Bouhadja and Speaker Justin Muturi lists co-operation in security, energy, tourism, agriculture and parliamentary traditions. The MoU between Kenya and Algeria parliamentary groups offers an opportunity to train staff in best practices and also exchanges in various fields. Partnership; Kenya- Algeria MoU Daily Nation Page 3
  03.05.2018 Farmers near game parks urged to insure their crops Parliament has been asked to consider passing laws to direct farm owners living near national game reserves and parks to take up mandatory insurance policies for protection against damages by animals Proposed law-National Assembly The Standard Page 10
  02.05.2018 Bill seeks to secure public property An MP is drafting a Bill if enacted will make it mandatory for the government to issue title deeds to all public institutions. Ruiru MP Ng'ang'a King'ara said many public institutions in the country did not have title deeds making them the targetto land grabbers Law drafting-National Assembly The Standard Page 30
  02.05.2018 Atwoli proposal to create Prime Minister post for Uhuru stirs new debate A call to create a prime minister’s post for President Uhuru Kenyatta when he retires has sparked fresh debate on the change-the-Constitution campaign. Central Organisation of Trade Unions (Cotu) boss Francis Atwoli ignited the debate during Labour Day celebrations. The Cotu boss’ proposal is modelled on the Russian system that saw President Vladmir Putin and Prime Minister Dmtry Medvedev swap positions at the of Putin’s term. Proposed law-National Assembly The Standard Page 7
  30.04.2018 Wards to get 1.1 billion in revenue allocation Members of the County Assmbly have passed the contentious County Revenue Allocation Bill 2018 after incorporating Govenor Lee Kinyanjui's recommendetions. In the amended Bill, each of the 55 wards will now be allocated 20 million shillings each for development projects in the next financial year Law making-County Assembly (Nakuru) The Standardb Page 10
  25.04.2018 ODM backs calls for referendum to create Prime Minister's post ODM Chairman, however, says Premier should assume all key executive functions, as proposed in Tiaty MP Kassait Kamket's bill. Raila Odinga's Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party has backed the push to amend the Constitution to create the position of Prime Minister, a proposal Deputy President William Ruto has opposed. Proposed law-National Assembly The Standard Page 6
  23.04.2018 House's parallel inquiries puzzle Claims of extortions and a scheme to make more money in allowances are being cited as the motive behind parallel investigations by parliamentary committees. Rival National Assembly and Senate commiittees are said to be working at cross-purposes on at least four investigations, raising protests from  House leaders about wasting of public funds Houses conflicts-National Assembly and Senate The Standard page 4
  20.04.2018 MPs receive another petition to change 2010 constitution Another petition to change the Constitution was presented to the National Assembly. The petition filed by Ezekiel Njeru Namu, from Embu, adds another piece to the emerging 'change-the-Constitution' push from within and without the House Mr Namu's petition was read to the House by Speaker Justin Muturi. In his petition, Namu wants the presidential term reduced from five to four years, MPs to serve for six years, and senators seven years. The petitioner also wants county assemblies to use local languages in their deliberations. In addition, he wants MPs to increase the number of constituencies from 290 to 300 and scrap academic qualifications for lawmakers and members of county assemblies. Pettition-National Assembly The Standard page 8
  19.04.2018 House admits petition that bars Raila in 2022 A proposal to set the age limit for presidential candidates at 70 has been referred to a parliamentary committee. The petition by a Mohammed Sheikh from Wajir County seeking to amend the Constitution to bar Kenyans above 70 years from contesting the presidency has drawn opposition from politicians across the political divide. Pettition-National Assembly The Standard Page 5
  18.04.2018 MPs move to counter resignation Parliament has revived the process of setting up a recruitment panel for commissioners at the electoral agency. This comes against the backdrop of the recent resignations at the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). The National Assembly’s Justice and Legal Affairs Committee, chaired by William Cheptumo (Baringo North), has announced that it is developing a legal framework to establish a permanent selection panel. Pettition-National Assembly The Standard Page 5
  17.04.2018 Leaders differ over law review proposal Lugari MP Ayub Savula and Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala clashed over the possible amending of the Constitution to create the position of a powerful Prime Minister Law making National Assembly The Standard page 28
  13.04.2018 MPs reject bid to scrap interest rates control The Central Bank's bid to have the interest rate cap law scrapped has failed. Members of the Finance Committee rejected Governor Patrick Njoroge's plea to remove controls on interest paid on bank loans and deposits. Law making-National Assembly The Standard Page 4
  13.04.2018 Hawkers ask Senate to fast track Bill Street vendors have appealed to the Senate to fast-track debate on the protection of Livelihoods and Street Vending Bill 2018. The more than 3000 members of Nakuru Street Hawkers and Traders Association appealed to senators to support the proposed legislation Law making-Senate The Standard Page 23
  12.04.2018 Set up speacial fund for us, pastrolists tell counties Pastrolists have asked the county governments to set up a fund to mitigate the effects of disasters. They want County Assemblies to craft the Climate Change Adaption Bill that will create a speacial fund to promote strategies, products and services that enhance resilience during drought. Law making-County Assembly The Standard page 12
  11.04.2018 Female MPs turn to Uhuru on Gender bill Female MPs will turn to the President for help to ensure passage in Parliament of a bill to that aims to ensure gender balance in leadership. At a meeting between Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs Cabinet Secretary Margaret Kobia and female legislators, women were urged to change tack in their push for enactment of the Two-thirds Gender bill. Ms Kobia said it was important female MPs sought audience with President Uhuru Kenyatta. Chief Administrative Secretary Rachel Shebesh called on the legislators to approach the issue not as a gender matter, but a constitutional one. Law making-National Assembly The Standard 4
  11.04.2018 Counties get 33 billion shillings more in budget Counties will receive 372.7 billion shillings in the 2018-2019 budget following President Uhuru Kenyatta signing into law a Bill that will guide the sharing revenue between counties and the National Government. Senate Minority Whip Mutula Kilonzo Jr said should the need arise Senate will convene a speacial sitting to expedite the laws to allow the National Treasury to release the money to the counties  Law making-Senate The standard page 11