You are here: Home Constitution of Kenya Chapter Nine - The Executive Part 2. The President and Deputy President 149. Vacancy in the office of Deputy President

Constitution of Kenya

149. Vacancy in the office of Deputy President

(1) Within fourteen days after a vacancy in the office of Deputy President arises, the President shall nominate a person to fill the vacancy, and the National Assembly shall vote on the nomination within sixty days after receiving it.
(2) If a person assumes office as Deputy President under clause (1), then, for the purposes of Article 148 (8), the person shall be deemed--

(a) to have served a full term as Deputy President if, at the date on which the person assumed office, more than two and a half years remain before the date of the next regularly scheduled election under Article 136 (2) (a);
(b) not to have served a term of office as Deputy President, in any other case.

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